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Want to make your business 71% more valuable?

The Sellability Score litmus test

Through an analysis of 6,955 businesses, we’ve discovered that companies that achieve a Sellability Score of 80+ out of a possible 100 receive offers to buy their business that are 71% higher than what the average company receives. Whether you want to sell your business soon or keep it forever, the ultimate litmus test of any business involves a simple question: would someone want to buy your business?

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What is the Sellability Score 

The Sellability Score is an interactive tool that gives you a comprehensive assessment of the "sellability" of your business, whether you want to sell next year or just know you're building a valuable asset for the future. When you complete the Sellability questionnaire, you'll get an overall Sellability Score out of 100 plus your score on the eight key drivers of Sellability, which are statistically proven to increase the value of your company. 

Built to Sell book

The Book That Inspired A Movement

The Sellability Score was created by a team of researchers led by John Warrillow, author of the international bestseller Built to Sell: Creating A Business That Can Thrive Without You. The book inspired a movement of entrepreneurs who recognize that the ultimate test of a business is not how big it is, but how valuable it can become. 

The Science Behind The Score  

The Sellability Score algorithm was developed using a quantitative survey of business owners and is continually refined, based on the thousands of owners who get their score each quarter.  

The Sellability Score science
The Sellability Premium

The Sellability Premium

Is your business your largest asset? Achieve a Sellability Score of 80+ and - based on our research from thousands of test cases - your company will be worth 71% more than the average business. 

Yes, It's Free

You can get your Sellability Score free, without obligation. You can then choose to hire one of our professional advisors to help you increase the value of your business or you can work on improving it yourself - the choice is always yours.

The Sellability Score people
The Value Builder System

Get Coached By A Certified Value Builder™

The Value Builder System™ is a methodology designed to improve your Sellability Score – and with it, the value of your business. Each month, you’ll meet one-on-one with your Certified Value Builder™ who will coach you through one of twelve modules specifically designed to improve the value of your company. Learn More

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